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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor (Property Group: Lighting)

For the UT properties, see Actor (UT)/Lighting.

These properties allow any actor to cast light, in particular the Light actor. However, most of the LightEffect settings don't work in game UT2003, even if they work in the UnrealEd 3; use Projectors instead.

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Axe56: Same here, couldn't get anything like that happening. I'm also toying with the distance fog option in UT2k3, and seem to be gettng a HOM effect if I look across the entire map with distance fog on... the question is: anyone know where I can look?

Roland: Yep, same here, I wish I would have looked here first...it took me hours to find out what I did wrong (I didn't..)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: You must have an emitter do the flickering. Just don't activate the emitter (don't make it emit stuff).

Mosquito Axe, You get the HOM effect in the editor if the distance is bigger then the max map size in the orginal UT, even if you add distance fog, its still there... But ingame its Gone. (look at CTF-DE-Lavagiant][

KGF: Well, would someone care to elaborate a bit? Exactly HOW can I use an emitter to simulate a torch flicker effect? Nothing I do will work. And Projectors are even more of a dead end...how can you use those to just project light, and not a texture?

Axe56: Mosquito, thanks :) KGF, not exactly sure, but I didn't think (correct me if I'm wrong) that emitters produce light, only textures.

Sobiwan: Is the class called light, not lighting?

Tarquin: Well this class is called Actor ;)

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