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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor (Property Group: Movement)

(also see Actor (UT)/Movement)

EPhysics Physics (const)
Actor's current physics mode. (see PhysicsType) Use SetPhysics method to change.
bool bIgnoreEncroachers
Ignore collisions with movers.
vector Location (const)
a vector giving the position of the actor in the world. Remember when setting this that the engine uses a left-handed coordinate system (see Wikipedia logo Handedness for definition & pictures). Use Move or SetLocation methods to change.
rotator Rotation (const)
Actor's rotation. Use SetRotation or SetRelativeRotation methods to change. In UnrealEd, set Advanced → bDirectional to make the actor display an arrow that represents this value.
vector Velocity
Actor's velocity.
name AttachTag
The Mover, or KActor to attach this actor to. AttachTag is the Tag of the mover. This replaces the Attach Mover in UT.
bool bHardAttach (const)
Uses 'hard' attachment code. bBlockActor and bBlockPlayer must also be false. This actor cannot then move relative to base (SetLocation etc.). Dont set while currently based on something!
bool bBounce
Bounces when hits ground fast.
bool bFixedRotationDir
Fixed direction of rotation.
bool bRotateToDesired
Rotate to DesiredRotation.
float Mass
Mass of this actor.
float Buoyancy
Water buoyancy.
rotator RotationRate
Change in rotation per second.
rotator DesiredRotation
Physics will smoothly rotate actor to this rotation if bRotateToDesired.

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