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Actor (UT)/Events

UT :: Object (UT) >> Actor (UT) (Property group: Events)

There are only two variables under an this heading of an Actor's properties: Event and Tag. These control the passage and transferrence of events. Usually, according to an actor's script, the act of passing an event results in this actor doing the following things:

  1. Search for each actor whose Tag matches this actor's Event.
  2. Call the "Trigger" function in each of these actors.

The text entered into these two properties is arbitrary: the only important thing is the way the names match. It's sensible to use a descriptive name, for example "BlueDoor", or "Explosion".

name Event
The name of the event that the actor will fire.
name Tag
The name of the event that will trigger the actor. By default, this is the same as the name of the actor's class.

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