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Actor (UT)/Sound

Properties for emitting sound.

Note: don't set this for Mover. It only works until the mover moves, then the script overwrites with MoverSounds → MoveAmbientSound and then "none" after moving.

Ambient sound effect. Note: some actors will override this, eg Movers set this property for the sound they play during movement (please suplpy the name) – be careful. (Does this still apply to ut2003? if so, copy tis to the equivalent ut2003 page)

Ambient sound

Radius of ambient sound. When a viewport in UnrealEd is set to radii view, a blue circle will surround the actor when there is something in the AmbientSound field. Within this radius, the sound in the AmbientSound field can be heard.
Volume of ambient sound. Ranges from 0 to 255. 255 is maximum volume.
Sound pitch shift, 64.0=none.

Regular sounds. (Used for actors that emit dynamic sounds such as SpecialEvents and Movers.)


Multiplier of the default volume of the dynamic sound. Range is 0.000 to 1.000.

For example, the default volume of a SpecialEvent is maximum: 255. A multiplier above 1.000 will not increase volume, but a multiplier less than 1.000 will decrease volume.

Number of UUs in which the dynamic sound can be heard. Outside of this radius, the sound will not be heard.

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