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Actor (UT)

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This page is the technical specification for the Actor class. See Actor Overview for information on working with actors in UnrealEd.

Objects that have a position in the world are subclassed from Actor. For example brushes, movers, decorations, bots, lights and Triggers (UT). This is an important class because it's the base class for all in-game objects (as in "object oriented programming"), so you'll find really a lot of very important functions and variables defined in this class. UnrealScript beginners ought to take a look at this class's source code.

For this class in UT2003 see the default Actor page.


Many properties that all actors have are defined in the actor base class:

Note that all the common properties of the objects editable in UnrealEd (such as movers or Light (UT)s) are just particular public variables of that class that are set editable via specifiers (see UnrealScript Language Reference for more details).

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