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Add An Actor

This is a Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.

Find the class in the browser

To add an actor to your map:

Open the Actor Class Browser: either

This shows the class tree descended from the class Actor. When working within UnrealEd, you'll probably always want to leave the two options checked: 'use Actor as parent' and 'placeable classes only'.

Navigate through the Class Tree to the class you want to add. On the Unreal Wiki, we represent the parentage of a class like this:

Actor >> ChildClass >> GrandchildClass >> etc ... >> TheClassWeWant

Click on a [+] to expand a tree branch. Click on the name of the class you want to select it.


Actor Classes Browser

Add the actor

In one of the UnrealEd Viewports, do:

Viewport Context Menu → Add <selected actor> here

The name of the actor you selected in the tree should appear in the context menu.

In a 3D viewport the actor will appear near the surface that was right-clicked. In a 2D view, UnrealEd will take the third coordinate to be 0 and may refuse to place the actor in solid space.

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