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UT2003, Build 2225

// AdrenalinePickup  //Name of the class
class AdrenalinePickup extends TournamentPickUp; //Says this class is a subclass of Tournament Pickups

var() float AdrenalineAmount; //The variable that determines adreneline you get from the pickup

DetourWeight() //How much the bots will stray off a course to pick up this object
function float DetourWeight(Pawn Other,float PathWeight)
    if ( !Other.Controller.NeedsAdrenaline() )
        return 0;
    return MaxDesireability;

event float BotDesireability(Pawn Bot) //Determines how much a bot will want to pick this up
    if ( Bot.Controller.bHuntPlayer )
        return 0;
    if ( !Bot.Controller.NeedsAdrenaline() )
        return 0;
    return MaxDesireability;

auto state Pickup //What happens when you pick this up
    function Touch( actor Other )
        local Pawn P;
        if ( ValidTouch(Other) ) //If a player touches an adreneline pill...
            P = Pawn(Other);    
            P.Controller.AwardAdrenaline(AdrenalineAmount); //He will get Adreneline based off of the variable AdrenelineAmount...
            AnnouncePickup(P); //The player will recieve a message that he has recieved adreneline...
            SetRespawn(); //And the Adreneline will be set to respawn in a few seconds      

defaultproperties //Definitions for variables used by this class
     AdrenalineAmount=3.000000 //How much adreneline you get
     MaxDesireability=0.300000 //The amount of desireability the bots have for it
     RespawnTime=30.000000 //How long it takes to respawn (in second)
     PickupMessage="Adrenaline " //The message you get when you pick it up
     PickupSound=Sound'PickupSounds.AdrenelinPickup' //The pick up sound
     Physics=PHYS_Rotating //The physics for the adreneline model.  This sets the model to spin in place.
     AmbientGlow=255 //The glow the pill gives off
     CollisionRadius=32.000000 //The radius...
     CollisionHeight=23.000000 //And height to determine when you collide with the pickup, there adding it to your inventory
     Mass=10.000000 //The pill's mass
     RotationRate=(Yaw=24000) //How fast the pill rotates

Any corrections are helpful and would be appreciated

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