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Personal scratchpad for structuring ideas. Feel free to comment and make suggestions but please do not modify.Aedis


Page Names:
"<term>" – definition page, such as Actor,
"<topic> Overview" – intro page acting as a portal to detail pages, useful when a topic shares a name with a term, such as Actor Overview
"<topic> Basics" – Entry-level tutorial to the topic
"<topic> Masterclass" – Advanced tutorial, tips and tricks.

Subtopics as necessary:
"Light Masterclass/Coronas"
"Light Masterclass/Reducing Framerates"
"Bot Support/Defense"
"Bot Support/Sniping"

= Table of Contents =



Unreal Topics


= UnrealED Lessons =

The Basics

Don't be afraid!

Intermediate Lessons

Let's have some fun

Advanced Techniques



Who needs friends?

  • [Bot Support]?
  • [Pathing Lifts]?
  • [Strategic Bots (DefensePoints, Sniping)]?
  • [Smart Bots (Translocation, etc.)]?

Realistic Effects

For overactive imaginations

Expert Topics

No more baby-talk



ScriptedPawns (Monsters)

  • AlarmPoints?
  • Orders?
  • [General scripted sequences]?
  • [Setting up CreatureFactories]?

Additional Info

  • Gimbal lock or, why rotation in UEd doesn't always do what you want it to.


Looks good. Sorry, I couldn't resist changing the heading to "Encyclopædia"... I like the "Mapping lessons" page idea. Not sure about how you've organized the stuff Encyclopedia heading. How about you create "Mapping Lessons / UnrealED Lessons" as above (though pick one name, we're getting too many | in links), and I'll revamp the HomePage with your suggestions too – give the Wiki a big breath of fresh air :-DTarquin

Sorry for the delay – work has caught up with me bigtime. Hope to do some more Wiki this weekend. In the meantime definitely feel free to implement away! BTW – I'm not at all dismayed by the debate – the less punches pulled the faster the results, in my opinion.

- Aedis

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