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Alam GBC

Hello? wow, so this is a wiki, i hope i did this page, right

Well, I am Alam_GBC(that with a underscore)(no, not GameBoy Color, i had this name long before GBC was out, it means game-bonef code/co-admin)

I also have a twin called Logan_GBA(A for Admin, yes, make fun of him)

I love to program(how much?, i almost always forget to do my homework:rolleyes:)

I like to Play Unreal1/Unreal Gold

That mean I like to code for Unreal1(UT is too much for my skills now)

plus I like to play coop(like 98% of the time)


  • Age 6: Got our 1st Computer, w00t
  • Age 8: Pick Up my BASIC book from school
  • Age 10: Find out GBx(z86) ASM
  • Age 12: Learn C(just to understard it)
  • Age 14: Took a hack at Java(I still don't get the Mult-Inheandant bit of classes)
  • Age 15?: GBA(86x ASM/ARM) programming(I start to like JAVA-like then ASM)
  • Age 16: When to Unreal Gold(This game have been sitting for 5 Years)
    Meet Joss?, look at her souce code for [JCoop] and got into making a gametype that expands her gametype
  • Age 17: Unknown

I love to work on old computer and deivces(is this a crime?)

Wormbo: Yup, you did. Welcome to the Unreal Wiki.

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Have fun :)

Tarquin: Hi there. (about old computers... I have several 386s in bits and most of a pentium 133. currently pondering installing linux on it, but first have to work out why non of my dloppy drives work on it ... :( )

Alam GBC: It could that old floppy drives hav their "head" not alined with what currunt floppy drive have, you could do a network install(if you have an old (maybe ISA?) network card), or maybe the cable is in wrong (light go on all the time when this haps), oh you misspelled floppy wrong, you know that? :D

El Muerte TDS: and you misspelled history ;)

Alam GBC: ... :hmm: oh so, a game of "who can find more spelling mistakes then the other can" is it?

Tarquin: Well everyone can correct everyone else's spelling mistakes :) How do they end up with their head not aligned? :( can anything be done about it? I have an old network card, but it's a BNC cable and my other stuff is the thingy (er.... like phone plugs but wider) type.

Alam GBC: the bios can make the movement of the motor wrong(yes, this did happed alot),what i do is take the floppy drive that format/put the install stuff on the disk and put it in the older computer, that way, the haed aligned is the same.1 way: The phone plugs thige is called ethernet, you can make a crossover ethernet cable to pulg between 2 computers. both get a manual ip adress( for the computer for that have the files and for the so-be-lunix computer. Send thru ftp or http([try jana server]), and w00t, i have a linix computer,i have a linix computer!:P(plus i don't have to spend money for CD-R)well, this is the way i went to install linux(Red Hat). 2nd way: burn CD images onto CD-Rs(i had no CD-R burner back then) and hope that your old computer's cd-rom can read the CD-Rs :/, well i think i talk/type too much now, go ask your local lunix gurk to help you.

Tarquin: (my email will be protected from spammer by the hidden(banme) link, right?) What sort of hidden banme link?

Alam GBC: the one for people who try to download with an offline reader also works aghist spammer's web bots that doesn't reads the robots.txt file, right or did i read that part wrong somewhere?

Tarquin: I can't remember if we implemented that. Best to hide your email with "foo atsign bar dot com" type thing.

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