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What is AlphaCoop?

All it is a modified coop game. It takes the fun of fraggin from invasion, the teamplay from coop and mixes them together.

The difference are:

  • that in AlphaCoop the levels are not really linked together in some kind of a story
  • AlphaCoop has much more monsters per level (compared to coop/singleplayer) - I belive
  • AlphaCoop is more teamwork, which means its nearly impossible to pass the levels alone

Features (so far)

  • triggerable monster spawn points
    • the mappers specify what monster type to spawn
    • how many and how often to spawn
    • the mappers specify where to spawn by placing a few path nodes around the spawner, and by specifying a CollisionRadius within which the spawner will look for valid path nodes.
  • triggerable spawn points to help progress though the map
    • the mapper can link adjacent spawn points to improve spawning and remove the need to trigger each one individually
  • custom monster types, which extend the invasion ones. They had to be fixed a little so that they don't spawn where I don't want them to:)

Next steps

  • allow humans/bots to spawn on one team only (like invasion)
  • add a proper engame sequence
  • finish my first 'demo' map
  • find a mapper

My Plans

I want to make this game teamwork oriented and not repetative, which is missing in the current invasion game mode. It will be accomplished by the design of maps, as well as code.

The team work will be encouraged by a scoring system which increases the teams score for:

  • sticking together
  • protecting each other - shooting an enemy who's goal is your teammate
  • following each other's orders
    • cover me
    • go there
 - not sure about these ones:
    • advance
    • retreat
    • follow me

The game will not be as boring as invasion since it will have a set of objectives that have to be completed before finishing the level.


  • UT2003 2225
  • Bonus packs - the one with invasion ;)


17 JAN 04

  • downloads updated
    • Fixed MORE monster spawning bugs. I have learned that SetTimer(0,true) effectively turns OFF your timers (as well as SetTimer(0,false)).
    • The bridge and the lifts work a little bit.

16 JAN 04

  • downloads updated
    • Fixed some monster spawning bugs


[AlphaCoop Folder]


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