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AlphaOne/Developer Journal

8 SEP 2003

I think its time to update. Today was my first time at my [university]. I'm studying [computer science] there. Now I need to waste a lot of money on:

  • books
  • supplies
  • new clothes
  • food

We also got some nice progress over at [Hackerz].

31 JUL 2003

It's still July?!? Oh, well. I'm trying to figure out how to program proper (working) jet plane physics.

27 - 30 JUL 2003

Been lazy

12 - 26 JUL 2003

Was away @ a camp.

10 - 11 JUL 2003

Was packing for camp.

9 JUL 2003

I just fixed some "Access None"s and no I spawn each player with a "ghost" pawn, which is invicible. Whenever, it collides with empty body pawns the PC takes controll of it and fragging begins! After I die I take control of the ghost again.

Now I have to figure out how and where to spawn empty bodies after they die and @ game start.

Yay! I just wrote a wild mutator which displays Debug info for all pawns, even if your PlayerController doesn't own it - Mod Ideas/DevTools All you have to do is move your crosshair over the pawn!

8 JUL 2003

While working on Possessed I managed to switch from ghost to normal pawn when the ghost collides with the lonely pawn. Now, the challenge is during the death of the normal pawn. To put the ghost pawn in its position, and to posses it by the PC properly.

7 JUL 2003

First entry. Hopefully not the last! I'm starting to work on two small projects: Possessed and Lightning

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