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Real name is Michael P. I'm a [computer science] student at [York university]

(great bio)

Contact Info


thematrixhunter@yahoo.com (Y!)

AlphaOne4u@hotmail.com (MSN)



plouj@yorku.ca (Uni e-mail)

plouj@yucc.yorku.ca (Uni geek club e-mail)




  • To have fun
  • To explore the possibilities of Unreal Script
  • To implement my ideas using the Unreal Engine
  • To compete in the "Make Something Unreal" contest


[Auto-Update System] - coder - inactive

[Defence Alliance 2] - coder - inactive

DevTools - coder - inactive

[Hackerz UT2003 TC] - coder - active

Lightning - coder - inactive

Possessed - coder - inactive

AlphaOne/RocketJump - coder

AlphaOne/AlphaCoop - coder - active


AlphaOne/Developer Journal

Old Ideas

Delivery mod idea...


Dante: Didn't notice that you're on the wiki too - so, hi!

Mosquito: I know I shouldn't be editing this: but have you tried applying forces to make a jet plane fly? like, give it forces that push out the back of the engine, then have lift work like this:

The faster the plan goes forward in relation to its angle to the ground, the less gravity effects it, even to the negative, creating fake lift, eg.

(flying to the right)

- going 1024 u/s, means it has +10 gravity

If the same aircraft is on an angle like this:

\ then gravity would be near full (-800)

If the angle is / then like +100 gravity because of small surface area but still being forced up, BUT because of its karma pushing it, it would be too heavy and lose speed, making gravity become more powerful, sorta like stalling. This is just a starting point ofcourse! There would be still many things needed to be done to make it work realisticly, and all the control surfaces could also be karma forces to a much lesser extend, like fake drag.

I hope this helps

GRAF1K: Who said you shouldn't be editing this? o_O

Foxpaw: Karma actually has real drag built in already, it would probrably be more efficient to use that. If you want to make an aircraft like that, you could just add impulse based on the angle of the wings and the airspeed. The only problem with the gravity suggestion above is that the motion would be a bit "wierd" looking. I'd go with adding impulse, or, you could just forget lift and just use engine thrust to keep yourself up in the air.. realistic flight sims aren't all that fun IMO because of stalling, etcetera. I much prefer "video game" flight physics. :P

Mosquito: I think if you did a stall in a real plane your opinion on it would change :D

Tarquin: Hi there :)

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