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An AmbushPoint is a NavigationPoint (UT) upon which a Bot (UT) will stop. Whether a bot stops will depend on how healthy it is, if it is alone, and how high the camping attribute of the bot is set. The AmbushPoint is directional, meaning when you select it in the editor it will have an arrow. When the bot is using the ambush, this is the direction it will face.

does this need to have OwnerTeam set?

AmbushPoints, especially when set up for sniping, work very well in conjunction with DistanceViewTriggers.

See Strategic Bots for tips & tricks on using this actor.


bool bSniping
If set to true, the bot will stay at the AmbushPoint and attack from it. If false, the bot will chase and attack anyone it sights from the AmbushPoint.
float SightRadius
This is how far the bot will look for an enemy from the ambush point.

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