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OK, started mapping for UT soon after it showed up.

1st effort: CTF-Warrior. Loved by a few, hated by most.

2nd effort: CTF-Supplyline. Loved by a few, ignored by most.

Made WF-Warrior remix for the WFUT mod.

Since then delved into:

Texture creation (ITex mainly).

Modelling (Blender / GMax/3ds).

Making use of my new digital camera to collect textures from around the world ;)

See some of my stuff here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/martingbell/

Hi Aphex. Welcome to the project :-)

I've added your name to the Category Personal Page page. – Tarquin

Hi there again :) Been away for a bit - back now ready for some ut2k3 editing :E – Aph

Eek looks like someone rewrote (decoded my rambling) on how zones (may) work to speed up rendering. It was an educated guess on my part, so did someone get some hard facts?

EntropicLqd: Welcome back. You've missed some pretty good stuff unless you've been quietly watching in the sidelines (like a fair few I think). :tup:. Hope you are well. I haven't seen you for ages.

Aphex: Yep - sidelines mostly. Moved house, done it up, got kid on the way in Jan ==:-o topical? ;)

EntropicLqd: Oh well, enjoy the rest of your life. It'll be over in four months. So which part of Don't do it, run away screaming. didn't you understand again?

EntropicLqd: How's life? Mwhahahahahaha!

Aph 'tired' ex: sooooo.... tired..... %-) lol - not as bad as I thought it would be though - got a great kid - doesn't cry much... not yet anyways :)

EntropicLqd: Heh - it wasn't the first that pushed me over the edge .. it was when the second arrived. Glad you're having fun though. There may have been a time when I wasn't constantly tired - I just can't remember it. :)

Aphex: 2nd?!?! Hmm not just yet ;) Expensive things these kiddies! He's at the smiley stage though - makes getting up in the morning worth it :)

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