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Appleweed is an old nickname of mine that stuck. Imagine a baseball team of 10 year-old boys trying to learn each others names. Now imagine you live in Minnesota where everyone else has a name like "Johnson" and you're of Arab descent. Appleweed was the best they could pronounce. :)

My real name is Omar. But "hey you" works just fine. ;)

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  • [RIAA] aka, The "let's sue our customers" association. o_O

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GRAF1K: Hey you, welcome to the wiki. ;-) :tup:

RegularX: Greets Appleweed. Glad you could make it.

appleweed: Thanks for the welcome, guys! Much appreciated! I'll have more to add here soon.

Tarquin: Hi. Welcome to the site :) Distributed Gaming sounds like an interesting concept.

Foxpaw: To avoid spam, you might consider changing the @ in your email address above to something that would be recognized as a replacement. (like "something at somethingelse.com") I believe there are automated email-seeking programs that roam the net looking for new email addresses to add to bulk email lists.

appleweed: Thanks for the advice! Forgot to do this.

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