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This page lists applications which are useful for working with the Unreal engine. Some have been designed specifically for this purpose, some we just recommend as handy to have.

This page is a forward index, split into sub-pages by type. For a flat list of all pages about applications, see Category Application.

See also Third-Party Components for external components that can be added to maps.


Bundled in with UT2003:

Third party

suggest more grouping pages

Coding utilities


  • UMake – Wrapper tool for "ucc make" with a bunch of additional convenience options



  • CVS
  • umod Wizard – Creates UMod installers.
  • UnrVarpu – C++ class library (sources included) for decoding Unreal packages

Music utilities

General utilities

  • Ucc – Unreal's general-purpose command line application.
  • umod Wizard – Creates UMod installers.
  • UMod Browser – Extract the contents of an UMod, UT2Mod, U2Mod.
  • UMOD Extractor – Extract the contents of a UMod.
  • UT Package Tool – Examine and decompile the contents of a UT package.
  • UT2k3 Regcheck – Add and manage your UT2k3 win-registry-keys


See http://w3.one.net/~darkon/cgi-bin/shire-wiki.cgi?UnrealTournament for a perl script that synchronizes map lists.


This index

It's got to the point where we have SO MANY pages for apps on this wiki. There's official stuff like UPaint, homemade like Umake and UnCodeX, stuff that's not really Unreal related but that we recommend as useful... basically, this MeatBall logo ForwardIndex is becoming too hard to maintain; and it's getting too long to digest. So maybe we should switch to a reverse index and create Category Application. Keep forward indexes for specific areas, such as [Texture Editing Program]?, or [UnrealScript Editors]?. Any thoughts on this?

Mych: Application might have subpages, for that matter.

Tarquin: here's my plan:

1. type pages

Specialized forward indexes for different types of app, such as

... and so on. These names can be easily back-linked from pages for specific apps:

foo is an IDE bla bla bla

2 parent page

This page remains a parent page that leads to the above type pages. any apps that don't get listed on a type page stay here.

3 reverse index

Use Category Application so we can generate a flat list of all applications discussed on the wiki

How does that sound?

Tarquin: no opinions? I'll take that as a unanimous yes then

Wormbo: Sounds good to me, so if you need an explicit "yes", you got mine. :)

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