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Apply Texture

This page is one of a sequence of Mapping Lessons.

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By default Unreal applies a bubbly greenish texture. We're going to apply different textures to make it look better.


Select a surface.

Left click on any surface of your cube to select it. It turns a blueish color to indicate it is selected.

Open the Texture Browser

You can open the Texture Browser in a couple of different ways:

  1. Do UnrealEd Main Menu → View → Texture Browser
  2. Or, you can push the Texture Browser button in the middle of the toolbar. (Button #5 under Browsers)

The Textures window appears:


The Texture Browser.

Open a Package

The first step when using the Texture Browser is to load some texture packages. (For reference, see, this tutorial, for a list of [Unreal Tournament Textures]).

In the Texture Browser window do File → Open.

You should be taken automatically to the default Textures folder, select any file and open it.

The Texture Browser will load the package and then display some of the textures. You can scroll down to see all textures in the package.

Apply Texture

Select one, and it becomes highlighted. The texture should now appear on the selected surface.

Select another surface and click on a different texture. It is immediately applied to your surface.

Selecting Multiple Surfaces

Now hold the Ctrl key and select multiple surfaces. If you accidentally select one too many you can deselect by Ctrl clicking again. Select a new texture and it is applied to all at once.

To select all the surfaces hold Shift and press B.

Let's say you want to apply textures to all the walls but not the floor and ceiling. A quick trick is to elect all (Shift B) then deselect the floor and ceiling with Ctrl.

Changing the Image Preview Size

At any time, you can change Views (from the Cascading Menus at the top of the Browser window)in the Texture Browser to show texture dimensions and other properties.

See Selecting Surfaces for useful keyboard shortcuts when working with textures.

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