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made by the light (Arjen Baarsma).

I've put all mutators I've made until now in the Aradd package. Because I'm curious what other people think of it and because I'd like to learn more about scripting from feedback I decided to put it on the internet.




Gives you 10 health for each kill with a maximum of 199

LifeSteal Plus

Gives you 10 health for each kill with a maximum of 500

Colormatch: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan (That's light blue, right?), Blue (Dark Blue), Purple.

Lets all actors (not only lights) give off light of the chosen colour


Read the tuturial and made one that works for UT (max 100)

Regeneration Plus

Duh (max 199)


Lose life slowly (not damage, loss of life) with a minimum of 5 (intended to be combined with lifesteal)

Corrosion Plus

Corrosion was a bit too slow for my liking

Extreme Damage

Lame name and lame mutator (Auchtime in package btw). Gives everyone unlimited UDamage. (Just copied Stealth)

Accelerating Rockets

Read some mod idea about it. Rocketspeed just rises exponentially (ever x time velocity * 1.00(something)). I Tried it, but didn't really notice anything, so I don't know if it worked.

Corpse Explosions

People explode when they die (really cool to see someone turn to gibs when you shoot his head off)

Corpse Explosions Plus

Bigger and deadlier explosio (not tested).


Players make a jump (Z velocity + something) when they die.

DeathJumps Plus

They jump higher (and turn into gibs when they land (too high).


The first inventory item I changed. Copied the shieldbelt so it gave 10 armor and increased its own charge when you take another one (and didn't remove other armors). Also made it look like a healthvial (I tried, but failed to change it's skin)


Gives you all the normal UT weapons when you spawn.

Infinite Ammunition

Gives you 999 ammo every second (there must be a better way).


Supposed to turn off all lights and give you a searchlight (not yet tested)

Low Friction


Low Friction Plus


Hi Speed

Changed walking speed with a factor (I don't remember right now)

Better Locking

Made a new weapon (copy of the UT_Eightball) and made it possible to lock while loading (You can start loading rockets and keep your crosshair on the enemy and lock him). Also made them fire rockets that home far better

Sniper Change: Explosive

Sniper Rifle causes an explosion where it hits.

Sniper Change: Biosludge

Ges SniperRifle. Produces sludge where it hits (nice to see sludge coming out when you hit someone's head)

SniperChange: Rockets

Not an improvement, but cool nontheless. Sniper Rifle fires rockets that home when you would have hit someone (same improved rockets as with better Locking) (Nice in face)

SniperChange: Rail

SniperRifle can shoot through walls and you see a crosshair on bots when you zoom (I just sort of copied this from the Unreal4E Railgun (but that one has a greater travel time and a limited range (I think))

SniperChange: Flaks

No more shot or decapitated damage, just an explosion like that of the alternate flakcannon fire)

Really rapid fire

Minigun fires a lot faster and deals very little damage per hit (also changed amount of ammo you get)


Everything is dark, but players give off nicely coloured (changing) flickering light.

Shockrifle trigger

Was supposed to enable the shockrifle to lock onto shockbolts and shoot them, but in the end I changed it so you could detonate your bolts manually.


Shockrifle looks like the original (but bigger somehow (that makes it cool)) and fires bolts that stop after a while. These bolts can be shot or triggered and give Superexplosions (also explode up when owner dies or someone walks into it). Bots can't handle it btw.


Minigun fires flaks.


I thought I might want to spawn Skaarjtroopers in Pawnmatch levels and give them different weapons (without having to make a subclass of Skaarj), so I changed the spawnpoint actor to have it give them a weapon (so what weapon they have depends on the spawnpoint). Haven't tested this.

Enhanced Rippers

I changed the ripper in such a way that the alternate fire shoots a blade that doesn't explode, but produces many more blades. I've tested it and it's very deadly.

Frost Rilfe (Added August 23)

Turns all Shockrifle's into Frost Rifles. I didn't really like the freezer from U4E because it only really froze people when they were dead anyway, so I decided to create my own freezer. When its projectile hits there is a chance that it creates a statue that looks just like the player (Always happens if the player's killed), but with an icy texture (just like in U4E), but it also creates another one that has the player's texture, but is transparant so you can see the player through the ice. I made the player invisible and immobile and disabled his weapon until a certain time had elapsed or until he was dead (he remained invisible so there wouldn't be any corpse (just the statue) (he's visible again when he respawns)).



Just team deathmatch, but the teams have bases and they get extra frags for killing scripted pawn (Titan = 15 points for example). I based on the default health of the pawn (+ or - something if I didn't like the score) (so new pawn can be added). I turned Stalwart into a PawnMatch level because I was too lazy (and not good enough at mapping) to make my own maps for it.

The mod

Oops, I almost forgot adding this

http://home.planet.nl/~baars162/ar/Aradd.zip (663 KB)


The Light: Please tell me what you think of it/report any bugs/comments/tips here.

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