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I have been working on a mod with several custom gametypes and have found that there are no in depth tutorials

on the subject. I have learned alot from UnrealWiki, 3DBuzz, and the many forums, and have

decided to bring it all together here. What I am going to attempt is a series of step by step tutorials

in which beginners can learn how to make a custom gametype with mulitple player classes ala Team Fortress Classic

and a menu in which they can select the players.


The Hunted for UT2003

I have decided to use this tutorial to lay the foundations of a Hunted mod. Basically what I will end up with is a mod where you use a custom shortcut to start the game, which will open with its own customized spalsh panel and main menu. From there, when you start an instant action game, it will open another menu which will let you select from 5 different classes:

  • Classes
    1. Sniper
    2. Soidler
    3. Heavy Weapons
    4. Medic
    5. The President

From there I will customize several characteristics of each player class:

  • Weapons Loadout
  • Mesh and textures
  • Max Health
  • Voice Pack
  • HUD

The goal here is to create tutorials thru which the beginner can lay the foundations of a mod in only a few simple lessons. I am not going to delve too much into the game rules etc, because I do not know alot about them. I know absolutely nothng about net code. As I learn, I may continue the tutorials. But for know I will leave it to others who know more than I to pick up where I leave off.

Credit Where Credit is Due

My class selection menus are based heavily on the Riftwar Mod by RegularX, whose tutorial on the subject is part of UnrealWiki, so I would like to take a moment to give him credit. I also will refer to tutorials by J. Giles at Sega 500 Scripting. His powerpoint presentations are a very good starting point for beginners like myself.

Note: I have recieved permission from both of these authors to reproduce code that they have written, which I do referencing them as the original authors.

I would also like to thank everyone involved with Mastering Unreal, as the classes as well as the people in them have been most informative. As I said before, I am only a beginner who has drawn this info from many sources and I want to bring it together here as a way of "paying it forward".

So let the tutorials begin!




MythOpus: Hey man , and Welcome to the Wiki! I'm trying to make a mod myself but have no idea on how to make new gametypes or all this stuff you need to make a mod. The gametype tut here just isn't good enough ;) i'm looking forward to your tuts :cool:

Wormbo: Welcome to the wiki. :)

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