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UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> AssaultPath (Package: UnrealGame)

This actor is used in bot support to specify alternate routes for attackers in team games. Bots are attacking a GameObjective, and AssaultPath actors are used to give them different routes towards it.

See the [UT2003 Advanced Botpathing Tutorial] at www.leveldesigner.com for more information.


AssaultPath Group

bool bEnabled
if false, this AssaultPath is no longer active: bots will ignore it (and presumably treat it as a dumb NavigationPoint). Trigger this actor to toggle this variable.
bool bNoGrouping
By default, bots will wait at this point to reform squads. Set to true to prevent this behaviour.
bool bNoReturn
By default, bots will use this path on the return from the objective. Set to true to prevent this behaviour.
bool bReturnOnly
This path must only be used for return from the objective.
name ObjectiveTag
Match this to the Event → Tag of the objective the bots are attacking
name PathTag[4]
The name of the route through this AssaultPath. More than one route can go through a given AssaultPath, and a route can involve several AssaultPath actors.
int Position
specifies relative position in a chain of AssaultPaths with the same PathTag and the same ObjectiveTag. Low numbers are furthest from the objective. In other words, bots travel along an increasing sequence of numbers (0,1,2,...) to attack the enemy, and decreasing to return home.
float Priority
0 to 1, higher means heavier weighting when determining whether to use this path


GameObjective AssociatedObjective
AssaultPath NextPath
Linked List of AssaultPaths for the associated GameObjective.

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