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Axe56?/Developer Journal

The Page of Axe!

(no not the deodorant haha)

Well I finally got around to creating a page on the wiki.

About Me

  • I mainly map, but I do have abstract ideas or ponderous ponderings occasionally and I will most likely post'em here!
  • I have been mapping for nearly 3 years now starting with Unreal, Moving to Unreal Tournament and now on Unreal Tournament 2003.
  • I have yet to get everything under my belt, so I learn something new everytime I need to...
  • Not sure if I'm alone here or not, but the editor isn't easy to master!
  • I have not ever, released a map to the public, if I'm not happy with how it looks, I sure as heck ain't gonna release it.
    Although I have not released any maps to the public, I am fortunate enough to belong to two modification teams, both for UT2k3.
[Black Widow]
[Maximum Velocity Paintball]


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July 10th, 2003

Well! It's been a lil while now hasen't it ;)

I'm still working with this map you see below, haha, I've learned quite a bit with terrain functions (more I know) haha.

I now have my own website which I do update rather regularly, but it is still in the process of being "settled" into, so pardon my dust! http://tower56.urfclan.com

April 20th, 2003

Nature Is Wonderful

Well, I've been learning much about decolayers, layers, and lighting, distance fog, and everything else! Here's some screenshots of what I've been able to produce, and I am very happy with how things are going.

Copy Paste the address below to see a large image if you so wish to.




Hopefully I'll have time to develop this page as I go.



ZxAnPhOrIaN: Congrats on creating your own developer journal page! ;)

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