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Balu/Developer Journal


I am really, really really a newbie in all those UScript-stuff, but after looking around a while reading through some tutorials here and on other pages (that all included nice Info, but not for UT2003) I got stuck in this nice little wiki.

So let's see if I can (and will) collect some infos here that might help others :-)

Things to figure out

  • How to make things (walls) explode
  • How to create timed bombs a player can put on the ground
    • Perhaps the Redeemer-Projectile-Explosion can jump in here?
    • or ExplosionChain
  • How to create pickups that modify the bombs settings
  • How to create pickups that make people do things (huh?)
  • How to change the viewpoint of the cam looking at the player
    • BehindView 1 might be a starting point...

Links / Bookmarks

http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki — guess you know already...

http://www.planetunreal.com/architectonic/first_level.html — a must read UnrealED 3.0 tutorial

http://www.3dbuzz.com — nice tutorial videos on creating a map (you have to register though)


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LegalAssassin noted: It's FUBAR, Fücked Up Beyond All Recognition/ Legal ;)

Balu: Nah, it's not: [foobar]

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