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It's just a wooden barrel. You can shoot it and it shatters.


A respawning barrel.

Remaining problems:

  • no effect of any kind when the barrel reappears. You might want some sort of swishy wizz or something
  • you can be standing where the barrel really is when it reappears, and then you're sort of inside it

To use this script in your map: Create A Subclass.

// ReviveBarrel.
class ReviveBarrel extends Barrel;

var() float TimeToRespawn;
var int InitialHealth;

function PreBeginPlay()
  InitialHealth = Health;

function Vanish(bool bVanish)
  bHidden = bVanish;
  bBlockActors = !bVanish;
  bBlockPlayers = !bVanish;
  bProjTarget = !bVanish;

simulated function Frag(class<fragment> FragType, vector Momentum, float DSize, int NumFrags) 
  local int i;
  local actor A, Toucher;
  local Fragment s;

  if ( bOnlyTriggerable )
  if (Event!='')
    foreach AllActors( class 'Actor', A, Event )
      A.Trigger( Toucher, pawn(Toucher) );
  if ( Region.Zone.bDestructive )
  for (i=0 ; i<NumFrags ; i++) 
    s = Spawn( FragType, Owner);
    s.DrawScale = DSize*0.5+0.7*DSize*FRand();


state Absent 
  Health = InitialHealth; // restore health

  Sleep( TimeToRespawn );



Wormbo: You should toggle bHidden instead of changing the DrawType.

Tarquin: Thanks :) Had to sort out blocking as well. Mych will not like me calling that function Vanish() but I can't think of a better name :(

Wormbo: What about "SetVisibility" or "SetHidden"?

Tarquin: Great! Thanks :)

Foxpaw: It might not hurt to have both, sort of. It's a little bit of overhead at the interpreter level, but not that big of a deal. In my GUI classes I use a SetHidden function, then a Show and Hide function that are just one-line functions that call SetHidden( false ) and SetHidden( true ) respectively. Effectively it's the same, but I guess it kind of helps the readability. If you're into that sort of thing. :D

Tarquin: I was thinking this could make a tutorial about subclassing and states, but it's not very neat what with inheriting one state from Barrel and a load of code from Decoration. So I guess for SetHidden it's a case of what's clearest for people to read. Your idea of Show() just being a call to setHidden is neat, but I don't know how easy to grasp it would be.

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