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UT2003 :: Object >> Interactions >> Interaction >> BaseGUIController (Package: Engine)

This is just a stub class that should be subclassed to support menus.


Material DefaultPens[3]
Container to hold some default pens for drawing purposes. These are white, black and grey in that order.


AutoLoadMenus ( ) [event]
Create a bunch of menus at start up.
bool OpenMenu (string NewMenuName, optional string Param1, optional string Param2) [event]
Opens a new menu and places it on top of the stack.
bool ReplaceMenu (string NewMenuName, optional string Param1, optional string Param2) [event]
Replaces a menu in the stack. Returns true if success.
CloseAll (bool bCancel) [event]
bool CloseMenu (optional bool bCanceled) [event]
Close the top menu. returns true if success.
InitializeController ( ) [event]
SetControllerStatus (bool On)
SetRequiredGameResolution (string GameRes) [event]
bool NeedsMenuResolution() [event]
Big Hack that should be subclassed.


OnAdminReply (string Reply) : Called by PlayerController.

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