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Basic AI Scripting Tutorial

No tutorials have been posted so far on the wiki, but there are a couple of tutorials availible on the internet:

[Mattias Worch's Unreal 2 Tutorials]
Mattias Worch worked on the Unreal 2 team and has written a few useful tutorials on AI scripting. The tutorials on this page directly relating to AI scripting are "Set up Dialog and AI Scripting for a Level," and "Create a Basic AI Script." Please note that the copyright on these tutorials allows us to link to them, but not to "wikify" the tutorials and place them here. If you would like to have a tutorial on the Wiki, I'm sure that everyone would appreciate if someone were to read over these tutorials and experiment with AI scripting until they had a complete enough understanding to place an original tutorial here.

Tarquin: Link to documentation wiki pages, if they exist, or start writing them! That's a good way to start.

Foxpaw: I actually don't have any experience with AI scripting myself, I was just using the random page function and thought this page could use a bit of refactoring.

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