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Thank you all for the welcome. I have been lurking around since I started learning UnrealScript at the beginning of 2003. In fact, I think this UnrealWiki taught me the language. This is going to be shockingly short for someone as long-winded as I am (take a look at AssociativeArray if you need proof). I think this is an amazingly well focused community resource and I am happy to be able to contribute when I can.

nytrogen: Welcome to the Wiki. :tup: I've seen you here for a while without any personal page. Here you go. :-D

MythOpus: Consider this my Welcome too <Add Copied Welcome From Tarquin here>

EntropicLqd: Greetings.

Tarquin: Hi there. :) The AssociativeArray pages are really interesting stuff, BTW.

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