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Contact Bean @ [bean@planetunreal.com]


[Bean - Level Design] My Personal site with my maps and textures.

[UnrealED.exe] I lend a hand here.


Been mapping since Duke Nukem 3D. I LOVE level design, texture creation, 3d modelling, and basically anything to do with gaming. I live for this stuff.

I also like playing guitar, listening to ear-bleeding amounts of music, long walks on the beach, and candlelight dinners.

Mychaeel: Umm yeah. Welcome to the Wiki. :-)

Tarquin: Hello Bean :)

Bean: heya Tarquin. I've been dying to add to this. What a great project. It seems like everything is turning out great.

Tarquin: :) Welcome aboard.

Bean Glad to lend a hand =D

Tarquin: I've added you to Project Contributors.

Bean: Heeey cool.

C0ry: Thx Bean.. nice to meet you :)

Kerlin: Thanks for the info from the leveldesigner.com forum regarding default lighting, I added it to UnrealEd Beginner FAQ

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