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Ben 2500

Hi every body.


I am a semi professional Level Designer For UT and UT 2003.

Ive made a lot of good maps but i cant put them on the internet because I dont have the internet at my house. :( My favorite Mod for UT is either JailBreak or UT Forever.


April 15,2003

Ive made about 50 mutators, mostly weapon mutators. My favorite one that isnt

a weapon mutator is probally the headless one.

May 6,2003

Made a zoom in shock rifle and minigun. Plus made a rocket launcher that shoots powered down redeemer missles as the secondary fire.


May 8,2003

Converting all UT maps into UT 2003 maps, already finished AS-Guardian, and DM-Pyramid May take me a few months. :)

April 30,2003

Got my new hard disk from Dell today and the piece of junk is up and running again

April 24,2003

Had a computer crash and lost all my stuff.:pissed:

April 17,2003

Made an Invasion GameType, lets you choose how many teamates you want and how many lives you want.

April 15,2003

Im working on a gametype for UT2003 that will change the rules a little bit and the flag will be small, the rules are,score limit 50-100 you get 5 points for getting a normal flag capture and return but you also get a point every time you kill a guy.

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki. Please add yourself to the list of Project Contributors. And please don't get into the habit of checking "This change is a minor edit" for everything you add or change on the Wiki; "minor edits" are only small layout or typo fixes.

Wormbo: Hi and welcome to the Wiki. :)

Piglet: Hi, oh and have fun :D

Ben 2500: How do you change the title of a page?

Tarquin: You can ask an admin. Or you can just copy the content over to the new page & leave the old one blank for an admin to delete.

Ben 2500: I think that only registered users should be able to change or edit pages, and they should be kicked off or banned if they try to erase pages or any thing like that.

Ben 2500: I know who your little friend is that has been pissing you guys off by changing pages. Its not me. Its a friend of mine.

Wormbo: I don't know how to put it, but could you please tell your friend to f*ck off? :/

Ben 2500: ok.

Ben 2500: Hello everybody.

Ben 2500: Can some body please get me a Maya Personal Learining Edition Software Key so I can use the dumb program? I cant get a software key because it goes through the email and the school computers dont have email.

Mosquito: Ben, welcome! A few suggestions, put your news entries on chronological order. Instead of adding a new date to the bottom, just add a new entry to the top. :) Just a suggestion.

Ben2500: I have a suggestion. I think somebody should make the offline wiki

have a search engine that comes with it. It is pretty hard to navigate without one.

Offline Wiki was a very good idea though. :)

Ben2500: I dont have any study halls this semester so i wont be on for a long time.

Ben2500: Somebody can delete this page I have a new one.

GRAF1K: If you want a page deleted, do this:

Delete Me – Dulplicated on Ben2500 (No space).

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