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Hi. I'm Blain.

My Story

I've wanted to make video games all my life. I was writing design docs when I was ten (crappy ones, mind you). I had visions. But life (school, work, and playing games) was always in the way. That's changed, and now I'm standing in the possibility of being one of the world's best game designers. The world looks pretty awesome from in here. :D

My Relationship to UT

I messed around with UT script a while back, trying to make a UT version of Turok 2's hilarious Monkey Tag gametype. I never got past the model changing code, but I was instantly impressed with the time based, state based, and networking based model used by UnrealScript. It's an awesome tool.

My Relationship to Wikis

Martin Pool introduced me to Wiki's when we worked together at HP. I'm still a relative newbie, though.

Previous Mod Experience

  • Coauthored 24 DM levels in Godless 1, 2, & 3.
  • Authored a few single player and co-op levels (unreleased)
  • Coasted the SlaughterDM project to completion ;)
  • DM Map01 for Ninja DOOM (unreleased)
  • Authored numerous DM sound packs
  • Authored and made simple new textures for Godless Tag
  • Created and maintained a web site for Godless and sound pack projects and misc. DOOM philosophizing
  • wrote text files, made level titles, made intermission screens, and performed other polishing work for many of the above

Previous Mod Ideas

Doomio Kart

Concept: using the DOOM source, programatically cut the sprites off at the waist, superimpose a go-kart, and let `em rip!

High Level Work Breakdown:

version 0: The Basics

  • Remove Weapons
  • Draw characters with go-karts
  • Change physics code & control
  • Add new linedef types to define race track
  • Create test map
  • add sfx

version 1: An actual race!

  • create HUD
  • network code to drive against humans
  • add cooler test maps
  • polish, polish, polish

version 2: Oooh! Pretty!

  • special "dust" effects for mud, shallows, etc.
  • adding "drive off" zones
  • special "poof" effects for driving off zones (into space, lava, slime, water)
  • replacing character on track after drive off
  • polish, polish, polish

version 3: Single player

  • add bots
  • add code to fill out network games with bots
  • add menu option to turn bots off
  • add time trial
  • add ghost race
  • polish, polish, polish

version 4: We'll need guns. Lots of guns.

  • Add weapons
  • Add menu for choosing weapons or no weapons
  • Add game code for DeathMatch
  • Add DM test level
  • Add menu for choosing racing or DM
  • Add weapon use to bots
  • polish, polish, polish

version 5:

  • polish, polish, polish :)

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki. – Are you working professionally as a game designer today?

Blain: Thank you Mychaeel. I'm very glad to be here. – I am not a pro yet, but I have an idea that will change the world, so it can't be long now. ;)

Dark Pulse: Well, I hope it goes well. I wish to enter game design myself (Thanks no less to UT, heh.) I do know that if I keep practicing mapping, it will improve. I wish you luck, sir.

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