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A BlockAll is an actor that is designed to work sort of like Invisible Collision Hull. The big difference is that a BlockAll actor has an upright collision cylinder, as do all actors. What this basically means is that the Actor has two collision numbers: A collision height and a collision radius. The "collision" created by an actor extends upward and downward the amount of "collision height" (so the overall collision created is twice the collision height!). The collision is in the shape of a cylinder, and collision radius is the radius of that cylinder.

To change the collision size of the BlockAll actor:

  1. Open up its properties by right-clicking the actor and going to properties
  2. Expand Collision
  3. Set its CollisionHeight and CollisionRadius

Note: You could also use the BlockAll actor to just block players by setting bBlockActors to false, but this would be bad form, as you should use the BlockPlayer actor instead to avoid confusion.

To see the collision of any actor select the actor and set up the UnrealEd Viewport (or just one), to be Actor >> Radii View in the right-click menu.

Attaching a BlockAll to a mover

BlockAll actors dpn't move when attached to movers because Advanced.bStatic is set to True by default. Set this to False to cure the problem. See Attaching Actors for more.


Here is an example of what a window that utilizes BlockAll actors for collision would look like in UED:

This might look a little strange at first, and it can act a little strange too. BlockAll actors, when fired at, "absorb" the weaponry. In other words the secondary fire of the shock rifle or any bio gel just vanishes instead of exploding. Also, a line of BlockAll actors such as this will have a slightly strange collision as it is "bumpy" - when you walk along it pressed against it you keep moving in and out of the little crevices. Finally, the primary fire of the flak cannon can actually work its way through a BlockAll actor, maybe someone else who understands it could explain why... The BlockAll actor is best used in small places like a tiny window or even better in a place you don't expect the player to ever get but they just might manage it so it would be good for insurance. In cases like the one above an invisible collision hull will probably work better.

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