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Sunday 3/8/2003

Erm, it looks like I might abandon this map aswell, so much for finishing it no matter what. But at least this time it's because I realised I did 2-3 things completly wrong which is why the map sucks. Too generic, like a standard industrial map only ancient theme (hard to describe, but the map had no character). No proper set out theme. It was just a ancient temple thing in the desert, but when you were in the temple itself there was no sense of location, you could have been in the jungle for all you know, it needed more outside areas to make it feel more real. It didn't seem to have any purpose either, it was just a random temple in the desert, not in a special location or anything. Finally the architecture was poor. Individual rooms were okish but if you put them together then there was absoloutly no coherance between them in terms of style. One room was all angular and had lots of bars and roof beams etc. the next room was all curvy architecture and looked nothing like the first except for the textures.

Anyways, enough rant. I've got myself working on a not-so top secret map for UT that may surprise people. (well, it may surprise people just because I might actually release a map!)

Sunday 20/7/2003

Errr, just felt the need to update to say that I am still alive and mapping. UT2k3 map has been progressing slowly for the last month or so. It's my "transition" from UT to UT2k3 map or something, so it's not massively detailed. It's all custom meshes, but it looks more like a really high poly UT map rather than a UT2k3 map. Also, it's ancient style, so it brings back some sort of oldsk00l UT theme :)

Anyways, the gameplay will probably suck, so don't expect much there, I'm not sure how it will turn out in the end but I've already abandoned about 5 UT2k3 maps when they are about 50% done so I intend to finish this no matter what!

Monday 30/6/2003

Terrain tutorial is slightly updated with a few minor fixes. And a downloadable version is available[here!].

There is now another bit added on [making a beach], there are also a few other tips in there!

Wednesday 25/6/2003

Hey, I'm not doing too badly on updating this page more than once a century (unlike my site)! A few bits of news:

  • Wrote a [tutorial] on making terrain in UT. Will definatly be adding smaller misc. tutorials to the end of it in the future.
  • CTF-Wether got [reviewed] at Unreal Playground (69/100) Not bad for a 2 day map!
  • RealLife boring stuff (don't read): Exams have gone ok so far, I only have one more to do which is my final physics exam (tomorrow), then I will be done with school & exams forever! I feel quite confident about getting into York uni now, the only exam I really struggled with was the Pure3 maths paper but I still did ok in that I think. All I need now is my 18th birthday so I can celebrate in style!
  • Completly unrelated side note: HAHAHA @ General Studies :p

Friday 30/5/2003

And update within a week of the previous!!!! Don't expect them to be anything like that frequent in the future, it's only cuz I'm extremly bored.

Anyways, I was working on a techy type map but it went all wrong and started sucking badly so I had to abandon yet another map (don't tell claw, he doesn't know this map exists in the first place) :\

I'm just messing with some ancient themed stuff atm, should be an interesting change from all the high tech maps for UT2k3. It prolly won't turn into a map, it's just for me to practice some meshes more than anything else.

Friday 23/5/2003

I lack motivation for everything at the moment, but I have not been unproductive for the entire of the last 3-4 months. I've released 2 new UT maps, CTF-SuperStyler and CTF-Wether. Also, I started making a flyby for UT2k3 though the bsp was too complex and I had to abandon it.

You can always go here to see what maps I've released http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/view_author.php?aid=1990

Oh ya, and ignore CTF-AreaZlalFactoryAlphaBase40, it's just a joke map really :\

And anything I mentioned about some terrain map below, ignore, I abandoned it cuz it was going nothing like what I originally wanted.

Sunday 2/3/2003

y4y, got an offer from York uni to do computer science so I passed the interview. Bad thing is I gotta get AAB in my A-Levels to get in. I'm gonna have to start doing some work for once...hmmm...maybe not :p Also got a working Radeon 9700 so I've been able to do some serious mapping (See my developer journal for details on that)

On the downside I got shedloads of computer studies coursework to be doing. And also I've had the worst run of cards at poker ever. Haven't had a decent hand for like, 3 months so money is also a problem. Thought I'm convinced my game has really improved as of late (funny how fast you learn to protect your chips when you get no decent hands) so when I do start getting some good cards the bankroll should start soaring :p

Also, I just saw the jackass movie. Leetage, for most of it it's just hilarious, for the rest, it just makes you cringe (arggg @ paper cuts and yellow snow cone :\)

Just finished downloading Deathball 1.5 yesturday. Definatly an improvement over 1.4. Haven't had long enough to test it properly yet though. It makes it a bit easier (and enjoyable) for defenders now which is nice seeing as I'm always a defender.

I'm so glad the ball dribbing has gone. I have no problem with people using it when they are in loads of space and want to speed up the attack, but the real annoyance is when someone manages to get behind the defense, you can't catch up with them. OK, maybe the defence cocked up to get in that position in the first place but when you have 200 ping like I have, it's much easier to miss a volley or ball interception so sometimes when that happens the offence runs past you while you're still in the air. It's nice to see that now, a goal is a result of the offence using good passing/positioning and setting up the attack well rather than the offence just doing "No brainer dribbling" and any goals being the result of a defender's mistake rather than an attacker doing something good.

Currently I'm looking forward to offsides, that's gonna own. Should add a new level of depth for both attackers and defenders.

I always like to have some extra skill put into the game to keep it fresh. I know a lot of people resent any major changes to the gameplay because they have become to used to the game. But for me, a lot of the fun is trying out a new version, figuring out the best tactics for situations and learning to master it. It's almost like when you buy a new game, a lot of the fun is involved in learning to play the game well rather than actually playing it (which does get stale after so long)

Saturday 8/2/2003

Err I'll prolly use this page more for general ranting about life and boring stuff just to get it out of my system so you prolly won't want to read any of this crap unless you're a total w3rdo :p

I'll try to keep my developer's journal more for mapping progress rather than general moaning.

(Let me see if I can get this link to work... My developer journal

Anyways, I sent off my Radeon9700 to be replaced for the second time, still waiting for a reply. If it doesn't get replaced this time I'm gonna get completly pissed off. Also I got a deadline for 50% of the written work for my computer studies coursework tomorrow and I haven't even started. I never learn. nm, I got 4 hours @ school to rush something off :\

Even worse though is my uni interview which I've got on saturday. That's gonna suck big time. It's my first formal interview so I hope I don't fuck it up lol. Scary :p

Tarquin: Hello :) welcome to the site. good lunk with the uni interview :D

Bot 40:Thanks :)

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. Have a nice stay. :D

Piglet: Hey. I applied for computer science at York too, they rejected me :( so now im looking at going to Canterbury ABB or Swansea BBB, oh yes and HI

Claw: WEEEE Bot, since when do you have a Wiki page?

Bot 40: Since quite a while ago. I also have a dev. journal but I'm far too lazy to update that. I think I'll just stick to this page :) Linking here for news from my site was the best idea ever. Now I never ever have to update my site with news. And the maps just links to my nc map list so that automatically updates. The lack of effort required now is quite fantastic.

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