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Bot Refactoring

Too many pages on bots!


What do we actually need? How should we organize this section of the wiki? Forgetting the pages we already have for a second, what pages do we need?

SabbathCat: Pathnoding/Bot Pathing/stuff relating to mapping could all go under one page, and then another page for Bot AI, for scripting purposes and all about getting bots to do things /react to stuff etc. from a code point of view.

Tarquin: Ok. I've amended the above list.

SabbathCat: Cool. :) Yeah, trying to look up stuff about "Bot AI" I can only find off-site tutes on Unreal 2. Some kind of overarching Category for "Bot AI" with subcategories for UT,UT2003/UT2004 and Unreal 2 would be cool. I'm still a UnrealScript beginner, so I've no idea how much can apply to all engines.

Tarquin: The thing is, we usually use 'bot' to mean 'things that play DM as if they were humans. U1 and U2 have 'monsters' ;)

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