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Ever wanted your bots to go to that special place in your map? And your map is already filled with pick-ups? OK, here's what you do:

  1. Add a Actor >> Inventory >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup >> UT ShieldBelt to the area
  2. Open Actor properties and set its Filter → OddsOfAppearing to 0
  3. Set the Inventory → MaxDesireability to an appropriate number (The higher number, the higher odds of bots going there)
  4. You should now have a piece of BotCandy that players won't notice :D


(Note: I haven't tried this yet, but please add 'It works' to this page if you try and, well, it works (duh!))

Tarquin: Neat trick... if it works :D I'll add a link to this from the AI page, as this doesn't seem to be linked from anywhere. Orphan pages are not good.

SabbathCat: Is the Filter → OddsOfAppearing=0 supposed to keep the UT ShieldBelt from being displayed?

It still shows up for me. Maybe setting it's DrawType = DT_None and BCollideActors=False ?

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