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Building Paths

Building Paths

Paths are built on any level with Pathnoding inside them. In essence, it is the "Network" that the Bot AI Uses to navigate the level. Paths are automatically built to Item/Health/etc. using InventorySpots (as long as a PathNode is nearby), so there is no need to place PathNodes near them, or any PlayerStarts. If you place a lot of PathNodes, this will take longer to do then if you place fewer PathNodes, so keep this in mind if you have an older computer.

NOTE: You CAN make a level without any Pathnoding whatsoever - It's not necessary. However, Bots will be unable to navigate the level, and as a result, unless It's intended for Humans only, It's generally a good idea to put PathNodes in the level.

Dark Pulse: Well hopefully this page is a bit useful... I tried not to go off on a PathNode Tangent. Heh.

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