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The TorqueCurve is used for applying thrust to the wheel. It's defined like this:

var (KCar) InterpCurve  TorqueCurve; // Engine RPM in, Torque out.


That basicly means, between 0 and 245756 there is a static Acceleration, when it gets between 245756 and 491512 the Acceleration begins to drop (linare i think?) and finaly, when the car wheel speed reases 491512 there won't be any Acceleration left.


There are a lot of nice variables in the KCar class, and of most of them it's clear what they do and can easly be used, for example:

var (KCar) float       TorqueSplit;     // front/rear drive torque split. 1 is fully RWD, 0 is fully FWD. 0.5 is standard 4WD.


Add your car code if you wish.


Oxygen: Nice, I'll be using that (BTW - can you repost the original car stuff somewhere)

Tarquin: What, the "cars are things with wheels" stuff? O_o It doesn't really belong here. YOu can access it through the old revisions of this page & copy it to your personal page if it means that much to you...

ProjectX: You mean sum1 actually liked it?!? i was just doing it for a joke and a few laffs

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