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Proposal for [Category Example]?:

Tarquin: There are a few practical examples scattered around here – perhaps a [Category Example]? would be a good idea?

Tools and Classes

Proposal for Category Custom Class, [Category Third-Party Tool]?, [Category Software]?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: This would be the same as the third-party one, tarq.

Tarquin: Are Application and third-Party Components already those categories? should the content from those be shunted to the category page, or should we consider the exiting pages to be speudo-categories?

I'm starting to think that [Category Third-Party Class]? (or Category Custom Class or something...) would be handy, as keeping handmade list would be hell. Maybe also [Category Open Source]??

What to do with pages that don't apply to the game, but to their engine capabilitys (like dynamic array support). Maybe a category like [Category Engine (Warfare)]? ?

Wormbo: What about a [Category Class (Runtime)]? for classes available in the UnrealEngine2 Runtime?

Foxpaw: I would be against a category class runtime, because that gives the impression that the Runtime is somehow different than the Engine, which it really isn't. If anything I think we should go the other way around and categorize the classes that belong to specific games, since the Runtime is the "base" on which all of them are built.

Wormbo: What prevents us from tagging pages with both Category class (UT2003) and Category Class (Runtime)? There are some important differences in some classes, e.g. there are no WeaponFire classes in the runtime and some global and actor class functions are missing as well.

Foxpaw: Well, yes, there are differences, but since Runtime is a stock Unreal Engine I would think that should be the "default" where no specific game is indicated.

Topic Pages

Proposal for [Category Topic Page]?:

Tarquin: though they're all listed on the main page and there's only about 10 of them)

Area Topics

Mosquito: I think we should have categories for every major area of Unreal developement. First of all you should have different categories for the game specific editting such as [Category UT]?, or [Category UT2003]?. I also think it would be better if you had categories for every aspect such as:

And then maybe perhaps sub-categories like for mapping, different aspects of mapping:

  • [Category Mapping CSG]?
  • [Category Mapping Lights]?
  • [Category Mapping Textures]?
  • [Category Mapping Tools]? IE, the tools at the top such as the texture browser, prefab browser, etc.

Just a suggestion.

Wormbo: Wiki logo PleasePleaseDontCategorizeEveryPageOnWiki :o
Cleaning up the topic pages instead of creating category pages would be much better. (and probably less work) How many pages are there on CSG and would an average newcomer even know what a CSG category covers? I don't think so.

Tarquin: Yup. Let's clean up the forward indexes!


Pingz: Where should struct documentation like Quaternion and Vector go? Shouldn't they too belong to a category? Maybe just stick them in the class category?

Wormbo: We already have a Category Enum, so why not make a [Category Struct]? for them if we really have that many struct pages, but remember, Wiki logo PleasePleaseDontCategorizeEveryPageOnWiki.


Ch3zSeems like there are some pages here that are more geared toward the communty of Unreal Wiki frequenters and contributors than toward the refference type of document that is being created here. Some are Mod_Ideas, Map_Ideas, Test_Center, the whole category of personal pages... maybe not enough for a category though. It just seems like if you were to turn this wiki into a book those kinds of pages would be editted out, thus they are set apart from the rest and maybe should be categorized.


Mychaeel: Editing preview shows the #MAGIC line as a single-item numbered list at the top of the page.

Tarquin: Will look into it. Just need to bypass it in some way in the displaying.

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