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This category is for pages that hold a series of descriptions of how to perform simple tasks. This differs from a basic procedure in that they may not be that common or even that simple of tasks. Pages of this category are like a series of mini-tutorials, each covering a single "thing" that can be done with the object in question.

Following is an example page of this type to demonstrate the intended formatting and use of pages carrying this tag:

How-Tos on Frying Eggs (Unreal eggs, of some description)

How do I...

Remove the bacteria from the eggs?
You will need to call the SetTemperature function on the Egg's FryingPan actor. The SetTemperature takes one argument, the temperature, in Unreal Units. The FryingPan will update it's Temperature variable within a few ticks. Once the Temperature variable exceeds the Egg's MaxTolerableTemp the egg will go into the Frying state.
Know when the eggs are finished frying?
The Egg will automatically call the FryingComplete function of the nearest visible EggTimer actor upon completion of all latent functions in it's Frying state.
Turn an Egg into a ScrambledEgg?
You can use the Scramble function on any Spatula actor to do this. Alternatively, you can use a mutator's CheckReplacement function.
Find the location of the yolk of an egg?
You can find the location of the yolk by using GetBoneCoords on the 'yolk' bone of the egg mesh. The Origin value of the returned Coords struct gives the location, while the XAxis value of that same struct is a vector representation of the orientation of the yolk.
Get bots to eat the eggs?
Because eggs are generated in realtime, they do not have pickupbases. Attaching a Salt actor to the egg will fool bots into believing that the eggs are a valuable game object and cause them to seek it out agressively.

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