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Why I'm here at Unreal Wiki

Hi I'm CH3Z. I'm a guy who wants to learn more about modding for UT Classic. I found the best resource there is for it in this world to be Unreal Wiki(am i wrong?). Note: I will never be one of those programmers that plays computers games. I'm a gamer that plays programming.

A bit about my personality

I have alot of ideas and like to have someone to bounce them of off. Sometimes they are pretty off the cuff but I present them anyway. I do it because that gets the idea out while its fresh. If I wait to long and ponder the idea alot on my own I might see an obsticle that makes me think the idea is bad. By bouncing it off of someone else while its fresh the idea may find support before I talk it down in my own mind. If I ever blurt out an idea that you find so off the wall that you have to say so, please give it a little time for someone else to possibly validate it. If that doesn't happen soon I will retract the idea or if I have come to believe in it, persue it myself.
I am inclined to try to hold a certain respect for people's user names when reffering to them unless they have suggested contrary, like tarquin, prefers lower case, or Mychaeel points out that "Mych" is fine for short. Well, I want you to know that I don't give a rat's if you call me chez, Chez, Ch3z, ch3z, make it easy, that's fine. Keep in mind that chez might not stand out to me as good as CH3Z does is all.


I am currently working on deveolping my journal (see CH3Z/Developer Journal)as an account of a beginner's experience learning to use UnrealScript while using Unreal Wiki as my exclusive resource. Anything I need to go outside of the wiki to learn will expose a need we have here. This journal will be dynamic in that it will be testimony to Unreal Wiki's intuitiveness for beginners as well as a guide through the wiki for beginners to take up UnrealScript. Please, feel welcome to visit my journal and offer suggestions (current to my progress) as to where might be the next place for me study here on the wiki. That kind of input will make the journal a successfull tool for beginners that follow.
I plan to take on a project when I have become adequately educated here, and that project will be docemented as a continuation of this same journal.
Spawing from my journal as well seems to be a tutorial on beginning programming concepts as it applies to UnrealScript.


Mod Ideas/InstaVsSniper

Notes to Self:

Areas of the wiki that I need to keep and eye on for discussion involvement or edits i've been working on or just my own forward index.

Self, don't spread yourself to thin. =P

Thinner, T h i n n e r, T h i n n e r . . . .


GRAF1K: Nice ANSI art. :P

MythOpus: Haha ! So great :D

Ch3z: =) Ty That guy reminds me of a ninja turtle... need to make one with a shell hehehe.

SabbathCat Nice one Ch3z, you got your own page. You ever see the film "thinner" based on the Stephen King book? -Hehehe. Cherry Pie. :D

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