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Chemos/Developer Journal

Ok. I'm back. I just got back home, and installed UT2k3 on my new alienware, and I am planning on making many small mods/mutators and generally getting back into the programming spin of things, because I haven't done that in a while.

The first mod that I'm doing is a small idea I had, I'm planning on rebuiling the HUD to become more "cartoony" for lack of a better term, and then I'm going to attempt 3 mods to it.

First of all, a popup inventory menu, selection system and general interface to go along with the new interface.

Second of all, a system where one can gain information (detailed) about the opponents one faces when they look at one and press a button. Just a couple of simple HUD mods, but we'll see how it goes...

Third of all, a map system similar to GTA 3, where the top-down view of the map is displayed on the radar, and your position tracks along with it. I'm going to make some linear, flat pane maps to test this out on.

With all these together, The HUD will look vaguely like a cross between Legend of Zelda:Orcarina of Time, and GTA3...

  • shrug* Just updating because I haven't in ... 11 months? Can that be right?

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