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about me

I'm also CheshireCat97 on Infogrames Forums, where I ask a ridiculous number of questions. I'm very new to UnrealScript, and the degree to which my past programming experience (BASIC, FORTRAN, C, C++, perl, Python) applies to UnrealScript varies, so the syntax often confuses me. Most of my programming is done in Python - I've used those other languages at one time, but most of them I haven't used recently. For those who this sort of thing matters, I'm in my mid-twenties. I don't think it does - one of my co-workers has a very different background than myself, is well over twice (close to thrice I think) my age, and has many of the same interests as myself. Speaking of work, I work a rather odd job. I have three days of 12.5 hours each, while I have to be there all of that time, the work is spread out pretty thinly, so there's a lot of time that I'm sitting there with a computer and not much to do. This is when most of my coding gets done, and my Wiki writing. The only real trouble is that for those 3 days, I don't have a lot of time to test code. I also spend two of my four days off from that job at my other job, as a tech support rep for an ISP.


My current (only) UnrealScript project is TacticalDisplay, a mutator derived from Pfhoenix's Radar2003. I've removed the fading blips, and added a more complex scheme of color coding and different icons to provide more information about objects on the radar display. Currently, it uses different icons to indicate their relative location along the Z-axis, and colors to differentiate teammates from enemies, and display the status of teammates. Along the way, I'm learning a lot (but not enough yet!) about replication. I've also implemented a color edit dialog, which I'll release for general use shortly (TacticalDisplay uses it to let users select color schemes). I've set up a small page for the mutator at http://chshrcat.homelinux.net/. Right now, the version online is pretty much current. I can't think of anything that's really a "must have" feature, so maybe it's time to not add anything ;-).


I'm actually not a very big FPS player. I like RPGs, puzzle games, some racing games, and rail shooters (as long as they're Panzer Dragoon). I'll probably be getting Panzer Dragoon Orta soon, it sounds like it's possibly at least as good as the Saturn games were. Generally, I prefer games that are a bit different from the rest of their genre, or that don't really fit into a genre very easily.

other things

I like to write programs to play with numbers - in particular, I will try to write a prime number generator in just about any language I learn. My last one was in Python, and seemed fast enough, for an interpreted language. I've also written a small script that's the start of a general-purpose text preprocessor with Python syntax, which is on the Wiki: Templating In Python.

I'm also into anime. Strangely, I like a large number of anime with mecha in them, but don't like mech anime in general. I'm particularly fond of Lain and Ghost in the Shell, and I'll also watch almost anything that Yoko Kanno composes for, just to listen to her music. There are also some less serious thing I like, such as Excel Saga, and others of the "completely senseless wacky comedy" genre.



Guest Book

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay. You write prime number generators .. I write maze generators.

CheshireCat: Heheheh... I've written a few of those as well, a very long time ago. It's fun to write solvers to go with them, too :-)

Tarquin: Hello, welcome to the site :D

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