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CodeMaster and CodeTrigger

This page covers the CodeMaster and CodeTrigger pair, since they can never be used seperately. (The link CodeTrigger redirects here automatically, so it can be used elsewhere in the Wiki.)

UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> CodeMaster (Package: UnrealI)
UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> CodeTrigger (Package: UnrealI)

This is an element of the original Unreal 1 Engine, used extremely rarely in Unreal games. Nevertheless, it can be used to good effect.

A set of CodeTrigger actors work together with a CodeMaster actor. The system will trigger an event when all the CodeTriggers in the set are triggered by the player in the correct order.


Used along with an ElevatorMover?, its visual cue. It sends a code to the CodeMaster object which tries to match up a pattern of a set of CodeTrigger activations. If the match is successful, the CodeMaster fires an event. If the order of triggerings is invalid, the set of ElevatorMovers are reset to the initial state.


CodeTrigger Group

int Code
What is the label code of this trigger/mover with respect to the sequence.
name CodeMasterTag
The Tag of the CodeMaster actor to use.

UnrealScript-Only Properties

CodeMaster cdMaster
A reference to the used CodeMaster.
ElevatorMover? elMover
A reference to the used ElevatorMover.


When a set of CodeTriggers are set up along with their corresponding ElevatorMovers, the CodeMaster is notified by the CodeTriggers whenever something encroaches upon them, and tries to match the order of trigger activations to a preset pattern, and if the pattern is matched, the main event is called, solving the "puzzle".


CodeMaster Group

int OrderCode[6]
The Code properties of the corresponding CodeTriggers in the order that solves the "puzzle".
name MoverTags[6]
Tags of the ElevatorMovers belonging to this CodeMaster/CodeTrigger system.
int NumElements
Number of CodeTriggers belonging to this "puzzle".
name MainEvent
The event to fire when the "puzzle" was solved.

UnrealScript-Only Properties

int ActualOrder[6]
Contains the order of events triggered by the player.
int TriggerFlags[6]
Containes which CodeTrigger has already been activated.
int NumTriggered
The current position in the activation sequence.
bool bTriggeredAlready
Set to true to deactivate the CodeMaster after the "puzzle" has been solved.

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Foxpaw: The UnDox link generated a 404 error for me.

Wormbo: I removed the link now. Feel free to google for another link and put it here.

MythOpus: If I remember correctly, this thing was used in DM-Codex in UT. Was it not ?

Tarquin: That was a plain counter. You could get the secret room to open just by shooting the same light 4 times.

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