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Console Commands/Admin Console Commands

What follows is a definition of all of the server administration console commands that are in general use across all versions of the Unreal Engine.

ADMINLOGIN <password>
Login as an administrator.
Drop administrator access (warning: lethal for your player in game!).
ADMIN <command>
Perform a console command on the server's console. This effectively sends the text after the ADMIN to be interpreted as a normal console command. The vast majority of commands can be run in a practice session without the AMDIN prefix.

The following console commands will only work in a networked game when you have logged in as an administrator, and you have prefixed the command with ADMIN. e.g. ADMIN PAUSE.

SERVERTRAVEL <new level URL>?game=<new gametype>?mutator=<new mutator>
This function can be used to simply change the level, or, can also changes the level, game type, and mutator settings. TO DO: Either a link to a running the server section when it happens or cover all of the game settings in a section below. Former is probably better..
Causes the server to switch to a new level keeping the current game settings and mutator configurations/.
SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled <value>
Use a value of True to enable the remote admin webserver, and a value of False to disable it. This requires setting change requires a level change to take effect.
KICK <playername>
Kick a player.
KICKBAN <playername>
Kick a player and ban his/her IP. You'll need to edit your .ini file or use the remote web admin to unban their IP.
ADDBOTS <number>
This command adds a number of "bots" to the level. It may not work in Devastation (I've not tried).
In UT and UT2003 this function displays a message in the center of the screen rather than in a normal message location. This command appears not to function in Devastation.
This function will exist the game. If this command is prefixed with ADMIN then it will shut down the server.
EXEC <filename>
This function can be used to run a local script containing console commands located within the Game/System directory by default. If this command is prefixed with ADMIN then the script must be located on the server. This function is useful if you wish to configure a server quickly. You can prepare as script with all of the admin commands needed to set up the server as required and then simply EXEC it from the command line when you join the server.
This function pauses the current game.
SET <package>.<classname> <property> <value>
This command sets the attribute property on the class package.class to value. An example of this command can be seen above (enabling and disabling the web interface).
GET <package>.<classname> <property> <value>
This command displays the current value of the attribute property on the class package.class.

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