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Console Commands/Cheat Console Commands

Here is a list of cheat console commands available within all Unreal Engine based games. Not all of them have been tested across all games as yet. Some of these commands are useful for testing maps. See also Debugging Techniques.

These cheats are always activated in practise matches. For network games you need to be logged in as admin, but in UT2003 network games they aren't available at all. In the UT singleplayer ladder you will have to enable them first with the IAmTheOne command.

(Not Unreal/UT) Enables you to breathe underwater for a very very very long time.
Gives you all the ammo for your current weapons.
CAUSEEVENT <event name>
This console command sends the event specified to all Actors on a level via the Trigger() function.
Fly around (instead of walking). Also note that you are also invulnerable to attacks in UT (not UT2003). Great for screenshots. See WALK.
Fly around and go through walls (see WALK). In ghost mode you will not be able to touch (pickup) any objects.
Makes you invincible. The conditions that you can get killed when in god mode are: telefrag, mover kills, typing in walk while in ghost mode in solid space, etc.
Makes you completely invisible. This will not work in a networked game.
SETJUMPZ <height>
This allows you to set the height to which you will jump.
SETSPEED <speed>
This allows you to set the speed at which you move.
SLOMO <Decimal percent (1.00 is 100%)>
This allows you to set the speed at witch the level plays.
SUMMON <package>.<class>
This command allows you to summon objects into the level. The package and class names specified with the command are case sensitive. Not all objects are "summonable". If an object fails to appear check your game log file for error messages.
KILLALL <package name>.<class name>
Kills all actors of a certain class, for example killall Botpack.WarheadLauncher.
Kills all bots
Returns you to normal walking mode after flying or ghosting around a level. It's a good idea to make sure you are slightly above the ground with plenty of space around you before re-entering walk mode.
Pauses all non-player actors in the game. Cool for debugging scripts, taking screenshots.
VIEWCLASS <class name>
Cycle through actors of this class, viewing from their locaton (for example, viewclass bot). Note that this command will only allow a view from an Actor that is a player or a spectator.

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