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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Controller (Package: Engine)

This class is a handle to a pawn. Pawns are the physical player characters, the controller is the, well, controlling entity moving it around. There are two subclasses from this class, both are important AIController and PlayerController. Controller Overview covers this in more depth.

From this class, you can control everything from godmode to the pawn that you are focusing on to the adrenaline it has.


  • Adrenaline is here, not in the pawn class.
  • There is a linked list- esque set up of the controllers, allowing you to move to the next controller in the list.



Pawn Pawn
The Pawn that this entity is controlling.
const int PlayerNum
The player number - per-match player number.
float SightCounter
Used to keep track of when to check player visibility.
float FovAngle
X field of view angle in degrees, usually 90.
globalconfig float Handedness
Left or Right.
bool bIsPlayer
Pawn is a player or a player-bot.
bool bGodMode
cheat - when true, can't be killed or hurt


const bool bLOSflag
used for alternating LineOfSight traces
bool bAdvancedTactics
serpentine movement between pathnodes
bool bCanOpenDoors
(maybe used for matinees?)
bool bCanDoSpecial
No clue, experiments to try it out didn't work...
bool bAdjusting
adjusting around obstacle
bool bPreparingMove
set true while pawn sets up for a latent move
bool bControlAnimations
take control of animations from pawn (don't let pawn play animations based on notifications)
bool bEnemyInfoValid
false when change enemy, true when LastSeenPos etc updated
bool bNotifyApex
event NotifyJumpApex() when at apex of jump
bool bUsePlayerHearing
No clue
bool bJumpOverWall
true when jumping to clear obstacle
bool bEnemyAcquired
Used to get notification when a bot sees someone
bool bSoaking
pause and focus (anyone know what this "focus" is?) on this bot if it encounters a problem
bool bHuntPlayer
hunting player
bool bAllowedToTranslocate
bool bAllowedToImpactJump
bool bAdrenalineEnabled
Interesting property - may be useful for a couple of mods?


input byte bRun, bDuck, bFire, bAltFire
Used (I think) to drive ai reactionary cycles

Spark: Those are input flags which are set in your User.ini. It seems that the engine is also checking bFire to automagically trigger the fire event, see Firing Projectile Weapons.

vector AdjustLoc
location to move to while adjusting around obstacle
const Controller nextController
chained Controller list
float Stimulus
Strength of stimulus - Set when stimulus happens


float MoveTimer
used in matinee and in AI pathing
Actor MoveTarget
actor being moved toward
vector Destination
location being moved toward
vector FocalPoint
location being looked at
Actor Focus
actor being looked at
Mover PendingMover
a mover the pawn is waiting for to complete its move
Actor GoalList[4]
used by navigation AI - list of intermediate goals
NavigationPoint home
set when begin play, used for retreating and attitude checks
float MinHitWall
Minimum HitNormal dot Velocity.Normal to get a HitWall event from the physics
float RespawnPredictionTime
how far ahead to predict respawns when looking for inventory
int AcquisitionYawRate
how fast to move on the z axis to aquire a new target (??)

Enemy Info

Pawn Enemy
Pawn of my enemy
Actor Target
My enemy
vector LastSeenPos
enemy position when I last saw enemy (auto updated if EnemyNotVisible() enabled)
vector LastSeeingPos
position where I last saw enemy (auto updated if EnemyNotVisible enabled)
float LastSeenTime
Time I saw the last enemy (auto updated if EnemyNotVisible enabled)
string VoiceType
for speech
float OldMessageTime
to limit frequency of voice messages


Chemos: This page really needed to be written, and I am compiling information at the moment. I will finish all this up in a bit. (First page BTW) *phew* Typing that many "controller"s is getting quite annoying.

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