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CorDharel/Developer Journal

Learning UnrealScript


After I saw that there is already an RPG mutator available, I changed my wishes: I simply want to get better skills in unrealscript ;)


What I want to do:

1. Find out how to draw something on the hud

2. Do all UnrealScript tutorials from Sega500

Step 1

Ok. First, I have to find out how I can draw a text like "Strength: 5" permanently on the HUD/screen. I already asked in severel forums, but I didnt find the solution yet. I list what I have already found:


- Perhaps this is done with HUD Interactions

I am talking on a wiki page about that problem. I hope I will find out if I can do it so.

- Evil-Devil: Look in HUDbDeathMatch.uc, there you can see how you can do this.

I'll have a look when I got time. Thanks for the advice.


Okay, with the help of HUD Interactions I created a mutator and an interaction class. The mutator includes the interaction, and in the interaction I have to draw the text in the function "PostRender()". To draw the text, I have to use a function of the Canvas class. Now the next little step is to find out the correct function to draw a text and the last step is how to use this function right.

This evening I will have a look @ Wormbo's MercuryMissileMod, perhaps I'll find out something more.


I now should have the code, but something is still wrong: The mod doesn't change anything of the game on the HUD. Here is the code from the interaction:


I'm wondering what is the fault.


I still could't get the code to work, because I thought I'll do something else first. I worked throught the videos of www.3dbuzz.com, and got my first self-created model in ut2k3 (*w00t* ;)) what really wasn't as hard as I always thought. I'll now do the VTM's to the end and then I'll perhaps learn more 3dsmax vids, cause I always wanted to create stuff with it.


I got it! I dunno what I did wrong all the time, but I asked in the 3dbuzz.com boards and they helped me with my problem. I already updated the interaction pages.

Step 2


Well, I think I will be much better in scripting unrealscript if I have done the tutorials from Sega500. You can find his site here: http://gamestudies.cdis.org/~jgiles/

What I already did:

- Got a HUDmutator that works!! :D I could draw an image on the hud. That really makes me happy! :)

- I could make the image transparent

- I draw a radar image. I now want to make it working.

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