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A corona is created by making a light that has a skin associated with it. It is often erroneously called lens flare).


Here are the steps for making a corona in UT:

  1. Place a Light (UT) wherever you want the corona to appear.
  2. Open the Texture Browser and select a corona texture. There are some nice ones in GenFX and City.
  3. Open the Actor Properties for the light. Set the following properties:
Group Property Value Explanation
Display Skin Click Use to give your light the texture you just picked out.
Display DrawScale 0.1...0.3 Scales the corona image; with 1.0 it's rather large. One unfortunate consequence of this is that this property also scales the actor icon in UnrealEd, making corona actors hard to find.
LightColor Brightness 0.0 Set so that your corona won't also cast light. You'll need to use a second light for that.
LightColor LightHue Set a colour for your corona (if you are using a white skin that is, if you have a colored one then just leave it).
Lighting bCorona True bLensFlare was used with Unreal1 and is obsolete in UnrealTournament.
Lighting LightRadius anything sets how far the corona will be visible in game

The map must be rebuilt (including geometry) to see the effect.


  • Coronas can only be seen through masked semisolid or nonsolid brush.
  • A corona textured light can also be used as a light emitting source, but the corona will only be seen in game as far as the radius is set.
  • To make a small radius light seen from afar, use 2 lights. Set the corona textured light actor brightness → 0.

Viewing Coronas in UnrealEd

(Could someone confirm which rendering modes display them in UnrealEd?)

  1. Type camera open into the UnrealEd Console
  2. Maximize the floating viewport
  3. The viewort should use accelerated rendering and show lens flares.
  4. Press Alt+Tab to return to UnrealEd.


Birelli: Software rendering in UED does not display coronas as D3D does. As for looking at it in the editor I always just right-click the top bar of my 3-D viewport and go down to D3D, I'm not sure what this camera open thing does though, maybe it's better

Tarquin: "Camera Open" opens a floating viewport you can maximize to the entire screen. It's good for people with a dinosauresque 2-card setup who can only run OpenGL fullscreen (like me)


Tarquin: Do we need to update this for UT2003?

MythOpus: I think So. Unfornately, I haven't mapping lately to see whats changed...

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