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About Me

My nickname is Corran. I have been coding ever since I was a wee lad. I started with BASIC, writing little programs, which do not much at all. Then, when I was about 14 I started taking evening courses at my local college. I first did a C course lasted about 9 months, then I went onto a C++ course which lasted about 9 months again. Once I had finished them, I mostly forgot about C and C++ and started doing PHP for various websites.

Then, when I started up a UT2003 mod called Unreal Racing after having seen the possibilities of the Karma engine, I took my first dive into Unreal Script. I've only actually been doing UScript coding for it for a short while now, but my C++ experience comes in handy and I'm picking it up quite quickly.

Home pages
Don't really have a home page but down below there are some links to websites I'm involved in.
Email Address
Email addresses: matt_williams@planetunreal.com
IRC Channels
You can normally find me at irc://irc.quakenet.org/unrealracing

My Stuff

For the last few years my brother has been writing an open-source 3D engine. While I'm not quite up to his level I've been helping him by making a website for it: http://thermite.sf.net, helping him with little problems and giving him advice on things like the user interface for the level editor.

As I said above, I'm working on a UT2003 mod called Unreal Racing. The website can be found at http://planetunreal.com/unrealracing/. We were the first racing mods to start for UT2003 and we're still going. I mainly do coding but I also do the website and other little things that need doing :).


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Wormbo: Hi and welcome to the Wiki. :)

Dragonmaw: Welcome! Don't mind me, I'm just insane O_o

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