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Creating Textures/Animated Real-Time Textures


These are fairly easy to do. You go to file\new and choose Fire Texture for its class (should actually be default), set the size that you want and go. You enter the fire paint on the tree at the right and the fun begins. The texture will be made by you moving your mouse over the box on the left and by choosing options from the fire paint.There are tons of options to mess with in there. Some can be applied after the picture is made as well as before your mouse even hits the area. I recommend just playing with it. I have found little affect from most of them except for these:

  • bRising gives the texture an upward lift rather than laying flat if set to true
  • DrawMode affects how the effects are applied.
  • FX_Heat determines how much the effect will flare outward.
  • Render Heat amplifies the flaring more intensely
  • SparkType determines what kind of emmision will be made in the area. This one is really the most fun to mess with in my opinion.

You can also mess with the pallette setting under texture to change the coloration of the effects by choosing other tex from your package to be the source ( these can turn out very funny looking so don't get discouraged).

This is alot like the fire one except that you need to set a source texture, just mess with it.
Same here but no source texture
This allows you to take one texture "glass texture" and use it to effect another texture "source texture". Once again play with it it can be interesting.

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