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CTFGame (UT)

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CTF is a standard Unreal Tournament game type.

Two teams both have a movable flag that's planted on an immobile flag base. A team scores a point by getting both flags to their home flag base.

Note: CTF code doesn't correctly handle non-player Pawns like TeamCannon and other StationaryPawns.

See CTFGame? and xCTFGame? for the UT2003 version(s) of this class.


sound CaptureSound[4]
Capture sounds for each flag. This variable and other parts of the CTF code are designed for four teams although CTF is a two-team game type.
sound ReturnSound
Sound for returning the flag.
float LastGotFlag
float LastSeeFlagCarrier


ScoreFlag (Pawn (UT) Scorer, CTFFlag? theFlag)
bool FindPathToBase (Bot (UT) aBot, FlagBase aBase)

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