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Custom Brushbuilder Ideas

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Well, as you may know, this is an area to post some ideas about custom brushbuilders. You may post, enhance, or script these!

Star Builder

Builds 2d and 3d stars.

  • 2d
  • 3d

Default Properties

Helix Builder

Builds a helix, double helix, etc.

  • Spheres on sertain points on the helices
  • Bars connecting the helices (like DNA)

Default Properties

Fence Builder

Builds wire and wooden fences, guardrails, etc.

Default Properties

Pod Builder

Builds unipods, bipods, tripods, etc.

Default Properties

Reinforcement Builder

Builds reinforcements for buildings and other architecture

Default Properties

Slice Builder

Builds Slices of a sphere like tarquin's cylinder builder

Tarquin: If I ever get the Sphere builder finished, it'll do that.

Default Properties


ZxAnPhOrIaN: Wow! I created a lot of ideas!

ProjectX: Must be a first, he he, only joking Zxan

Category To Do needs input

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Admin, could you please delete this page, seems like custom bb scripting is not a hot idea.

Tarquin: well, with Maya & all that ... Yup, I'll delete it in a bit.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: What is Maya anyway??

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